Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone party support reportedly won’t be available at launch

Sumo Digital and Xbox Game Studios have had a rough time in getting out the latest installment in the Crackdown franchise. As the game finally gets ready to release, excitement has finally started to build. Unfortunately, some may be disappointed by the news that, reportedly, there won’t be Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone party support at launch. This will prevent players from teaming up with friends in the online mode.

The information comes from the game’s official public Discord server (via Reddit). In response to another user, the account named “MSFT Crackdown” stated, “No. Wrecking Zone does not support parties and will not at launch.”

The answer is open-ended as to whether Crackdown 3 may ever include party support. The response does come from an official account on the game’s official public Discord server. However, the position and access of the employee responding to the message aren’t stated. Players hoping to team up with friends in the game will have to wait until release, or for further confirmation to come via a more verifiable source for a last word on the matter.

Crackdown 3 has become infamous for its troubled development. Several potential release dates came and went. Following the most recent delay which set the game at a February 2019 release date, Sumo Digital stated the delays were a consequence of Crackdown 3 being “given the time it needs and warrants to meet the expectations of that franchise.”

Whether Crackdown 3’s Wrecking Mode has party support or not, more details about the game mode itself did emerge about the mode early last year. Around 40 minutes of footage was shown by jvtv (a French Twitch channel) (via Eurogamer). The mode features two teams of five aiming to take each other out. Sounds simple enough, but the main appeal of the mode is that the map is completely destructible. Microsoft has touted this kind of shared experience is made possible by their Azure cloud technology.

Despite the issues Crackdown 3 has faced and this latest party support issue, Terry Crews remains extremely excited about the game. Crews stars as the game’s protagonist, Commander Jaxon. If you still remain as excited as the actor about this “Terry Crews Simulator” you can your PC can meet the demands of Crackdown 3.