Capcom game soundtracks added to Spotify

In a crowd-pleasing move, a bunch of Capcom game soundtracks have been added to Spotify. The music from the Japanese video game giant was added to the Capcom Sound Team page. The page includes tracks from classic and modern titles.

The Capcom game soundtracks on their Spotify page are a welcome change on a service which traditionally only included music from popular US companies like Bethesda and Naughty Dog (via Reddit). However, Capcom’s fellow Japanese company Sega does also currently have a Spotify page.  The range of music spans almost all of the Capcom game soundtracks library. Spotify listeners can access tracks from the likes of Mega Man 11, Devil May Cry 3, and Monster Hunter.

One Reddit user heaped praise on Capcom for the move and hopes other companies do the same: “This is unreal, I actually can’t believe they’ve done this. I hope this becomes standard practice one day, it’d be very nice to easily put together diverse video game music playlists … Major props to Capcom!”

The album names are presented in Japanese. However, the Spotify album art makes the tracks easier to distinguish. Another hurdle comes in the form of region-locking (via PC Gamer). In the US, users may find they are currently unable to access game soundtracks from Capcom’s recent Monster Hunter World as well as any of Resident Evil’s. The issues can be averted with the use of a VPN.

Along with an appetite for Capcom game soundtracks, there appears to be an hunger for revivals of Capcom’s older titles. The Japanese company recently saw success with the revamped version of Resident Evil 2 and we’ve speculated what other Capcom titled deserve the revival treatment.

Capcom fans potentially also have something else to look forward too. At the beginning of the year, Marvel Games appeared to tease Marvel vs Capcom 4 via Twitter.