Spotify HiFi launching this year, brings higher-quality audio to subscribers

Spotify HiFi is finally launching this year, the company announced during its February 22 virtual event. This upper tier of its subscription model will deliver “CD-quality, lossless audio” to users’ devices. With Tidal and Amazon Music HD as the main competitors, it will be interesting to see how Spotify HiFi fares.

When is the Spotify HiFi release date?

Spotify HiFi Release Date

Spotify HiFi will release in 2021.

Other than “this year,” no concrete date was given. Spotify has just over 10 months to roll out the service to meet its goal of launching in 2021.

How much will Spotify HiFi cost?

Spotify HiFi Release Date

Spotify HiFi will cost more than $9.99, as it offers more advanced features than Premium.

With that said, there hasn’t yet been an official price confirmation. With competitors like Tidal costing $19.99 for its Hi-Fi subscription and Amazon charging $14.99, it’s likely that Spotify will position itself around these price points.

It’s difficult to estimate how much exactly Spotify HiFi will cost as the platform has grown so much in recent years and is arguably better-known than Tidal or Amazon’s premium services.

During its “Stream On” event, Spotify HiFi was promoted by Billie Eilish and Finneas in the video embedded below. They talk about the advantages of hi-fi sound and what it will mean for those who subscribe to the new service.

With a deadline of 2021, music fans can expect to hear more about Spotify HiFi in the very near future. Rest assured that GameRevolution will be covering any important news and updating this article as more information is revealed.

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