Castlevania Spotify debut brings killer music online

The Castlevania Spotify debut is here and that means that you can listen to some of gaming’s greatest tunes online completely for free! While the Castlevania franchise is well-known for its heart-pounding action, its music is just as awesome and beloved by fans around the world. Now you can listen to some of the franchise’s finest tracks on Spotify or purchase them to keep via Apple Music or Google Music.

A user on ResetEra pointed out the debut of the Castlevania Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Music tracks. Let’s get the big one out of the way: yes, the entire Castlevania: Symphony of the Night soundtrack is available on all three music streaming platforms. Symphony of the Night is a particularly special game in the franchise’s history as it’s widely regarded as the game that helped catapult the Metroidvania genre into prominence.

Here are the links where you can stream or buy the Castlevania soundtracks:


Google Music:

Apple Music:

The Castlevania Spotify tracks are, of course, completely free to listen to with an account. If you’re more of the sort who prefers to buy your digital music, the available albums on the Google Play Store will cost you $7.99 a pop. That’s not all that unreasonable of a price for some of the best gaming music ever made.

The release of this music isn’t without its complications, though. For some reason, the list of Castlevania Spotify tracks is all listed in Japanese. Thankfully, you can get an idea of which game is which by looking at the album art. (Here’s the Spotify playlist for the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night soundtrack.)

You can listen to all of the Castlevania soundtracks on Spotify, Google Music, and Apple Music right now. There’s no way of knowing if Konami will be releasing soundtracks for their other games on these platforms, but one can certainly hope! In the meantime, I know what I’m going to be listening to while I work today.