A Super Mario 64 Spotify playlist has surfaced on the streaming service

A Super Mario 64 Spotify playlist has debuted on the hit streaming music service. Players can now listen to Koji Kondo’s classic soundtrack on the streaming service.

A ResetEra user pointed out that Super Mario 64‘s soundtrack was now available on Spotify. In addition to this, the user also pointed out that this could be the reason why Nintendo has started going after YouTube channels hosting the game’s soundtrack.

While other Super Mario games may have featured more iconic songs, Koji Kondo’s work on Super Mario 64 is memorable in its own right. To this day, fans still remember songs such as Bowser’s Theme, Dire Dire Docks, and of course, the Overworld Theme. Additionally, the game’s hub theme which play’s inside Princess Peach’s castle has gone on to be remixed in a number of other Mario games.

Sadly, for fans hoping to actually buy the soundtrack, it doesn’t seem to be available on either Apple Music or Google Music. Whether Nintendo eventually plans to release the soundtrack on other services is unknown.

What’s more interesting is that there has been some debate on whether or not the Super Mario 64 Spotify playlist is even official. Some users on the same ResetEra thread have pointed out that the playlist’s art is just the game’s logo and not actual album art from the soundtrack.

More importantly, Nintendo usually releases their soundtracks on Apple Music. The lack of such a Super Mario 64 soundtrack on the service could be a further hint that this playlist isn’t an official one. If this is the case, then it’s highly likely that Nintendo themselves will have the playlist taken down before long.

Of course, this raises the questions of why Nintendo hasn’t really released much of anything on Spotify. If this is an official release, however, then it sets a good precedent for the company releasing more soundtracks on the service.