Streamer’s Soulsborne no-hit run thwarted by Demon’s Souls tutorial boss

Twitch streamer The Happy Hob regularly streams himself playing From Software’s “Soulsborne” titles. A recent “no-hit” run through the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls was ruined after finishing four of the five games. The tutorial boss in Demon’s Souls thwarted The Happy Hob’s Soulsborne no-hit run.

The Happy Hob has been perfecting his Soulsborne skills for years as he attempts to achieve “The God Run.” Over a dozen hours into the ordeal, The Happy Hob didn’t get hit once as he played through Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 3. As he started into From Software’s 2009 PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls everything was looking good. Then the tutorial boss, Vanguard, showed up to thwart the entire run.

Vanguard, unlike other tutorial bosses, is an optional boss but The Happy Hob decided to take it down to ensure his final boss count was 69 (nice). Instead of the boss being a cakewalk after a finishing every other game in the series without being hit, Vanguard bumped into The Happy Hob’s character and caused a small chunk of damage. The God Run has no take-backs, and no resets. As a community challenge, it is one of the hardest things to achieve in the Soulsborne series. The Happy Hob was definitely not happy about the setback.

The Happy Hob did jump back into a new God Run shortly afterward, determined to finish the series without taking a hit. He’s switched up his tactics and play order as he’s attempted to complete the run. Here’s hoping he gets it this time. The Happy Hob is in the midst of Bloodborne at the moment.

As one of many community challenges runs of From Software’s difficult Soulsborne titles, the Soulsborne no-hit run is generally deemed as the hardest. Requiring perfect precision, memorization, and a dose of luck the run can get tanked in a wide range of ways.