One Finger Death Punch 2 demo is available now

Fans of the upcoming One Finger Death Punch 2 have been treated to an early look at the game ahead of its April 15 release. A short demo has been released on Steam and will offer players the chance to experience roughly 45 minutes of the game’s hectic action.

Developed by Silver Dollar Games, One Finger Death Punch 2 is the sequel to the indie darling One Finger Death Punch which released way back in 2013. The first game was then ported to mobile phones in 2015, drumming up enough interest to warrant a sequel.

The game sees players assume the role of a faceless Kung-Fu master as they kick and punch their way through countless enemies using the game’s signature combat system. Like the first game, One Finger Death Punch 2 has players positioned in the center of the screen as combatants approach from either side. The control system is simplicity perfected as to engage in Kung-Fu combat all players are required to do is click right or left depending on enemy position.

One Finger Death Punch 2 also promises players over 400 stages to complete with 15 different level types, as well as a variety of challenge modes and dozens of weapons and power-ups to unlock. The game has a self-aware sense of humor to its presentation, as players will have access to a bevy of ridiculous items including something that looks suspiciously like a Lightsaber.

Jon Flook of Silver Dollar Games has recently opened up about how much making this game meant to him and his brother. Flook has said that the game has been in development for the past five years and it was a labor of love for the brothers to create it. Ultimately they want players to get a kick out of feeling like a Kung-Fu legend, a hope which One Finger Death Punch 2 seems up to the task of fulfilling.

The demo is available now on Steam and the full game will launch on April 15.