Dragon Quest 11 S and Dragon Quest Builders 2 Switch release dates and details revealed

Nintendo has announced release dates for Dragon Quest 11 S Definite Edition and Dragon Quest Builders 2. The announcements came during the Nintendo Direct event which showcased a variety of new and classic Nintendo titles planned for release later this year.

The Switch port of Dragon Quest 11 will be released under the title Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition and is expected to be released sometime in the Fall. This version of the game will allow players to switch back and forth between two distinct visual styles, a standard 3D modeled experience and a 16-bit 2D style. This retro-inspired visual was first seen in the 3DS version of the game, making it a Nintendo unique skew on the title.

In the critically acclaimed RPG, players will take up the mantle of a young man who discovers that he is the reincarnated form of a legendary warrior. To accompany your journey the game will feature a fully orchestrated soundtrack and allow for the audio to be seamlessly switched between English and Japanese.

Dragon Quest fans will also be treated to the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2, which will be released on the Switch and PS4 on July 12. While the game originally launched back in December for the Japanese market, this marks the first official release information for the West.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the Switch will let players link up to four Switch consoles for a co-operative play experience. The game will feature more expansive building options than the first entry, allowing players to build larger and more diverse structures. Players will also be able to tend to farms, grow their own crops, and even inspire NPC villagers to help them on their building quest. The game will also feature a first-person perspective mode and promises an expansive world to explore and secrets to discover.