BioWare: Anthem demo players ‘nearly universally, liked what they played’

BioWare lead producer Mike Gamble has revealed in an interview that players of the recent Anthem demo “more often than not, nearly universally, liked what they played.” Gamble stated the developer acquires feedback through “teams of people” reading forums and watching videos which provide comment.

Mike Gamble spoke about the Anthem demo in an interview with Business Insider. In the interview, the long-time BioWare employee elaborated on the issues the demo faced. One of the key criticisms was the network problems faced by the demo players. Gamble rebuked these concerns, “There was commentary that we didn’t have enough servers up. We had enough servers up, it was just there were some networking issues built into the client of the game which caused a lot of the bugs that you saw. That stuff doesn’t really showcase itself unless you give a proper at-scale test, and the demo was certainly at scale.”

According to Gamble, a lot of feedback he saw provided praise for the “moment-to-moment gameplay” of the Anthem demo. He did concede players remained concerned about the bugs while stating he was actually happy to hear about the issues. “And a lot of the bugs that we did see, we felt good about because they were either, A) Already fixed, or B) Things that we had not reproduced consistently on our side and now we have a pretty good reproduction case for, and then we can fix it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gamble provided congratulations to their fellow EA-published game Apex Legends. In response to a question about potential competition between the two titles, the Anthem producer admitted “there is some overlap… but they are different.”

Anthem will be released on February 22 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Ahead of the launch, we answered whether the console versions of the BioWare game are capable of 60fps.