Lamo Ninja, DrDisRespect, Summit1G streamer toys revealed

A range of Lamo streamer toys is being launched. The toys will range from vinyl figures, plushies, mystery boxes to mobile games. Ninja, DrDisRespect, and Summit1G are amongst the streamers involved in the toy line.

According to Dot Esports,  the Lamo streamer toys will range in price from $8 to $20 and up to 12 different toys based on Tyler “Ninja” Blevins are planned. Michael Rinzler, founder and co-president of Wicked Cool Toys (the company behind Lamo toys), commented on the Ninja collaboration, “Ninja is the Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Tiger Woods of the gaming world.” Partner and co-president Jeremy Padawar followed up, “Ninja is absolutely on fire.  We’re thrilled to embrace his spirit in a product line that represents this beloved modern gaming hero.”

Ninja also provided a statement, “Wicked Cool Toys is the right partner at the right time for Ninja. They are experienced, yet fresh and forward-thinking and know exactly what to do. They are the perfect team to launch the Ninja toy and collectible consumer products brand into the future both here and around the world.”

The Lamo streamer toys will see the light of day at the New York Toy Fair but aren’t expected to be released until Fall 2019. After launch, Wicked Cool Toys plan to release an augmented reality game to provide a companion experience to the toys. The game will allow toy owners to see different AR animations depending on their chosen toy. The animations will feature audio from the streamer whom the toy represents.

Ninja was recently surpassed as the most subscribed Twitch channel by his fellow Lamo toy collaborator Jaryd “Summit1G” Lazar. Summit1G overtook Ninja after attracting almost 20,000 subscribers by playing Sea of Thieves for a number of weeks. The news came shortly after Ninja attracted backlash following advertisements for his channel appearing during other gaming streamers’ streams.

[Image Credit: Robert Reiners/Stringer/Getty Images]