Borderlands 3 ‘Burning Summit’ Molotov honors Summit1g (and has a nasty surprise)

The parade of meme items continues: the Borderlands 3 Burning Summit Molotov was recently discovered in the game. This item exists as a shoutout to retired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive player Summit1g, but it’s based on an incident that he would probably like to forget.

The Borderlands 3 Burning Summit Molotov is a special grenade whose discovery was highlighted on Twitter earlier today. It contains the quote “Can we get some 1G’s in the chat?”, referring to a phrase that is often said by Summit1g in his streams. At its face, this just seems like a normal shoutout item, but it has a nasty surprise in store for the player.

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You see, if you happen to throw the Burning Summit, you’ll discover that it almost immediately explodes in your face and lights the ground on fire below you. This seems like a double-edged sword at best (if not an outright terrible weapon), but there’s a story to this grenade of questionable usefulness.

So, why would the Borderlands 3 Burning Summit Molotov blow up in your face? Well, that requires grabbing a shovel and digging up an old meme from way back in 2016. At the time, Summit1g subbed in for a pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and won a critical battle. Unfortunately, Summit1g had thrown a Molotov, forgot that it was still burning on the field, and then walked through it, ultimately killing himself in the game.

As this event was being livestreamed, the response to this amusing incident can charitably be described as “absolutely ruthless”. The memes began a-flyin’, and this almost assuredly became a moment that Summit1g was unlikely to ever live down. Now, his gaffe in a CS:GO tournament has been immortalized in Borderlands 3.

This wasn’t the only streamer-related easter egg found in the game so far; popular Twitch Streamer DrDisrespect was also immortalized with his own item in the game. You can see the iconic moment that made Summit1g’s mistake famous in the video below.

[Header image credit: @SmartGuy216 on Twitter]