Borderlands 3 Dr Disrespect Easter egg has ‘violence, speed, and momentum’

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has just discovered a Borderlands 3 Dr Disrespect Easter egg. While the odds of him finding it so quickly are one thing, the Easter egg itself includes the famous “violence, speed, and momentum” tagline that his fans know very well.

The Easter egg is the Forceful Disruptor class mod, adding +1 violent violence, +1 violent speed, and +1 violent momentum, as well as granting a +17% grenade radius. Naturally, the Doc referred to it as the “best mod” in Borderlands 3.

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There are no doubts whatsoever that this mod is designed after Dr Disrespect’s popular tagline. Borderlands 3 developer Gearbox swiftly reacted to the tweet with a pair of googly eyes, all but confirming that this is indeed an homage to the streamer.

Obviously, the whole chain of events is more than a little suspicious. The reveal doesn’t sound innocuous, with many users claiming that this was a pure marketing strategy. “Well that wasn’t done on purpose…Gearbox, you sly devil,” said one user, with other going even further by saying “@GearboxOfficial you better hit @drdisrespect on the flip phone, we need multi-million dollar deals TODAY.” We can think of a Ninja or two that probably aren’t too pleased if this really turned out to be an official deal.

It’s unclear if the story of this is the extent of the Borderlands 3 Dr Disrespect Easter egg or if there is another one in there somewhere. Regardless, there are many other Easter eggs in the game that don’t have to do with streamers that didn’t get kicked out of E3, as evidenced by the Rick and Morty shotgun that recently popped up.

Borderlands 3 released on September 13 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, seven years after the previous numbered installment. However, some players aren’t having much luck with the game, having purchased some allegedly faulty Epic Store Games keys.