27-year-old terminal cancer patient spending ‘final days’ playing Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 launched worldwide on PC, Ps4, and Xbox One today, much to the delight of long-neglected fans of the cel-shaded shooter series which has largely remained dormant for the past several years. However, perhaps none are more delighted than a terminally ill 27-year-old Borderlands megafan who suspected that they might not live to see the day.

Trevor Eastman (u/taurustrev) shared the news himself via Reddit, and while it’s absolutely brilliant that he’s getting to play the game, the update on his situation is also tinged with sadness. The self-titled “huge fan with a bad hand dealt” has unfortunately been “taken off of chemo and immunotherapy” due to their declining health, though with the help of a “constant morphine drip” they’re feeling fortunate to be “comfortable” and “enjoy [their] final days” with the full version of Borderlands 3.

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Developer Gearbox Software actually accommodated Trev playing the looter shooter early, three months ago specifically, and even allowed him to name an in-game weapon and assign it a description.  The “Compressing Trevonator” features the description “Trev is gunna get you!” and the below stats.

Not only that, but in the final version of the game, Gearbox is also said to have included an exclusive skin for the Compressing Trevonator Legendary weapon. The “Abundant Dangerous Trevonator” skin, which features Eastman’s Reddit screen name emblazoned on the gun, can be seen alongside the relevant stats below.

It’s inspiring to see that this Borderlands 3 fan is so enthused by the release of the game, despite their current health situation. It’s also refreshing to see Gearbox get some positive publicity surrounding the third mainline Borderland release, with studio CEO Randy Pitchford being involved in a number of personal controversies, publisher 2K Games sending private investigators after a YouTuber, and the PC version both being exclusive to the Epic Games Store and featuring Denuvo DRM.