Pokemon Switch game supposedly teased by director, according to sleuths

Break out your tin foil hats because this latest theory gets a little Zubatty. Game Freak’s director has taken to Twitter to share a screenshot of his latest catch in the mobile game Pokemon Go and keen-eyed fans have been hard at work trying to decipher the potential meaning behind it. Some think that the tweet is teasing the upcoming Pokemon Switch game.

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda posted a friendly good morning message to Twitter on February 15 along with a screen grab of Pokemon Go. It seems innocent enough, but fans who are hungry for any information on the upcoming Pokémon Switch title believe that Masuda is using this screenshot to subtly tell audiences not only the name of the upcoming entries but also the reveal date.

According to these fans, the stat numbers included in the screengrab can all be decoded to reveal information based on their corresponding numbered Pokémon. This theory posits that the name of the next Pokémon games may be Pokémon King and Queen, which, based on the names, some fans theorize will feature a British theme for the overworld. This idea is based on the CP 199 number and the 4.16kg weight of the Weedle in the screengrab, both numbers aligning with Pokémon’s 199 and 416, SlowKING and VespiQUEN.

In work that would make Detective Pikachu look like an amateur, these fans are also proposing that the reveal date for these games will be February 26 because of the 226 Candies feature in the screenshot. If this wild theory proves true we only have less than a week before the official unveiling of the new Pokémon King and Queen. If not, then we will have to keep on waiting to hear about a game that is supposedly still coming this year.

Elsewhere in less cryptic matters, the creators of Pokémon Go look to be in talks to settle a class action lawsuit which has been brewing against the company since 2016. The legal action is being undertaken by homeowners who do not wish for their private property to be used by the game as PokéStops or Gyms, locations where large numbers of players may gather. Niantic will reportedly settle the case soon, granting private property owners access to a database in which they can record their location as not to be used for any purpose by the game. Plaintiffs may also receive up to $1,000 in compensation for their troubles.