Overkill’s The Walking Dead console release just postponed, not canceled

Some fans of Overkill’s The Walking Dead were worried that the game’s console release was canceled by publisher 505 Games. The publisher has confirmed that Overkill’s The Walking Dead console release has been postponed and is still in development.

Rumors began circulating earlier this week following a Reddit post stating the game was canceled. Users who had pre-ordered the game on the PlayStation Store were allegedly receiving messages stating the game had been canceled. 505 Games, publishers of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, tweeted today that the game was not canceled on consoles.

“We just wanted to clear the position on the Overkill’s The Walking Dead on console and confirm that the game has not been canceled, purely postponed whilst development is on-going. We will share further news as soon as possible.”

Overkill’s The Walking Dead console port to Xbox One and PS4 was delayed to February 2019 ahead of the game’s PC release in November. The game launched on time for PC, but has been mired by technical issues since launch. The console release has now been pushed back further but 505 Games has not specified when it will come.

The game fell well short of sales targets, failing so heavily that Starbreeze — publishers of the PC version — were forced to restructure. Starbreeze’s CEO resigned at the time, and things were not looking good for Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Developers on the game knew it wasn’t ready and expected it to “tank.”

Overkill’s The Walking Dead was forced to change engines several years into production, leading to the PC version being developed in around 18 months. The delayed console release is likely because of this engine change, as is its current predicament.

Whether 505 Games, Starbreeze and Overkill are able to turn the game around and get it out is anybody’s guess. Hopefully, they’ll get it out on consoles for fans sometime soon.