Nike pushes firmware update that bricks $350 sneakers

Nike has unintentionally bricked its new line of $350 sneakers after a firmware update for Android users has left either one of the new shoes unusable. The update has reportedly left some users with a malfunction right sneaker according to user reviews left on the Google Play store page for the Nike shoe companion app.

The Nike Adapt BB self-lacing smart sneaker launched on Sunday last week and a firmware update was pushed out for the shoes almost immediately. The shoes, which cost buyers $350, were apparently a major success for the sneaker company with most pairs selling out during the launch day sale window. According to some users, the out of the box version of the pre-loaded software functioned as intended, pairing immediately with the sneakers companion smartphone app.

However, Android users who downloaded the day one firmware update have been experiencing a variety of connectivity issues since installing the patch. The user reviews on the Google Play store indicate that after the update is installed, the app will not recognize the shoes as unregistered, thus not allowing a connection between the two to be established. Some users have reported just one shoe registering, effectively bricking the opposite sneaker. A select few users have had luck by forcing a hard reboot which then allowed the sneakers to connect to the app successfully.

Users of the Apple iPhone have reportedly not experienced the same issues, save for one or two unconfirmed incidents, making the firmware issue a seemingly Android device only problem. Nike has been made aware of the troubles and in a statement to Business Insider, the sneaker manufacturer confirmed that this was an isolated connectivity issue which will be rectified for users as soon as possible.

The Adapt BB sneaker is Nike’s attempt at bringing a premium sneaker experience to a wider audience, serving as a downgraded model of sorts to the much more expensive first iteration of self-lacing shoes, which cost customers upwards of $700. You can read more about the Adapt BB range here.