Left Alive gameplay trailer showcases mech battles

A brand new Left Alive gameplay trailer has dropped and it shows off 14 minutes of intense gameplay. The trailer opens with the player as Leonid in a precarious situation: they’re surrounded by guards on all sides and they definitely don’t have the kind of firepower they need to take them down. Stealth is the key to success in such a situation, and the person behind the controls cleverly evades the bad guys through a mix of distractions and quick movement in the shadows.

A door opens and we’re treated to a short cutscene between Leonid and another character. At one point, the player is able to make a choice between two options. Following the conclusion of this cutscene, the perspective switches to Olga in the midst of a cutscene where she is also faced with a choice. We then get back to the gameplay proper when Olga has to fight her way out of a room. She quickly dispatches two soldiers with a grenade and engages in an intense firefight in the hallway with several more soldiers. Olga escapes out the back and we see a transition once more to Mikhail.

Mikhail is stuck on the ground with enemy soldiers and mechs all around him. He deftly works his way through the streets before getting to his primary objective: steal a Wanzer mech and wreak havoc throughout the streets. The last minute of this Left Alive gameplay trailer is spent showing Mikhail’s Wanzer battling it out with enemy Wanzers and soldiers.

The Left Alive gameplay trailer gives us a pretty good picture of what to expect from the game. It seems like the game does make a strong effort to prioritize stealth, although one has to wonder just how much that is necessary. Will players be able to run and gun their way through the streets instead? We’ll have to wait until the game launches to find out. Left Alive will launch on March 5, 2019. You can watch the trailer for yourself below.