Ace Attorney Trilogy release date revealed, coming to PC, Switch,

Last year Capcom announced Phoenix Wright would be returning in the form of a re-release of his trilogy of games. The Japanese publisher has now revealed the Ace Attorney Trilogy release date. The official Ace Attorney Twitter account declared the game will be released on April 9. The re-released Phoenix Wright trilogy will be available across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The tweet revealing the date for game’s launch came along with a link to a blog post about the announcement from Capcom. The playful post kicks off with some courtroom lingo, “OBJECTION! If it pleases the court, we’d like to present evidence that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to all major platforms on April 9th, 2019! Pre-order now, and get ready for your big day at the defense bench!” The post goes on to say that the re-released trilogy will include “everything you know and love about Ace Attorney.” The game appears to be a straight-forward re-releasing of the trilogy. However, the post does note there will be “updated autopsy reports.”

The announcement hasn’t been all plain sailing, however. Several responses to the blog post as well as the announcement tweet include fans who aren’t happy about the omission of certain languages. One user wrote, “’Multilingual’ but you miss Italian and Spanish (and Port[u]guese). Why?” The majority of upset comments seem primarily aggrieved at the lack of Spanish as a language option. As of yet, Capcom is yet to respond to these concerns.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy re-release was announced in September last year, with the stand out detail being that it would be the first time we would see the zany attorney make his way onto Sony and Microsoft’s platforms. In anticipation of the release of the game, we compiled a ranking of all of the Ace Attorney games. From Miles Edgeworth to Professor Layton.