Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black leaked, along with possibly most of the cast (Update)

It looks like the Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black rumors might be true after all. A picture recently leaked showing what looks an awful lot like the cowboy that premiered in Mortal Kombat X. Not only that, but it appears as though most of the roster might have also been leaked as well. NetherRealm has not official acknowledged if Erron Black is indeed returning or if these pictures are accurate.

UPDATE: There have been more equally convincing leaks of Kotal Kahn and Noob Saibot as well as renders for Kano and Liu Kang. Here are the pics from Mortal Kombat forum, TestYourMight.

This picture below comes by way of the Mortal Kombat subreddit. According to user MixedSince_, they grabbed the pic after an unknown redditor posted it then deleted their entire account.

mortal kombat 11 erron black

There are a few standout features that make it easy to believe that this is indeed Erron Black. For one, that is the customization screen in Mortal Kombat 11. Also that is Black’s bandoleer, repeater rifle, and hat from Mortal Kombat X, where he debuted.

The picture is pretty convincing by itself but especially when combined with one of the leaks on the Steam database. There is an entry for one of the achievements that reads “TROPHY_ID_PERFORM_2_DIFFERENT_FATALITIES_WITH_ERR.” “ERR” likely refers to Erron Black. There are ones there with “DVO,” “RAI,” “JAD,” “KAB,” and so on, which probably stand for D’Vorah, Raiden, Jade, and Kabal, who have all been confirmed to be in the game. Bundling the “ERR” with those confirmed characters gives more credence to Erron Black appearing in the game.

The Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black leak had the most evidence but this also came with a few other less dicey rumors. A ResetEra named anonmk11 claims to have the full roster and put up a picture of it that quickly got pulled. They even posted a picture of Cetrion, a new plant-like fighter, along with someone named The Kollector, an elf with a cybernetic body. Of course, these are still just rumored.

The picture below is allegedly the roster (or part of it), according to anonmk11. “JOH” is Johnny Cage, “JAX” is likely Jax, “NOO” is probably Noob Saibot, “KIT” is Kitana (who has been shown in trailers), and “SHA” has a high chance of being Shao Kahn.

mortal kombat 11 erron black

This roster should be taken with a grain of salt but it does both have characters we know about along with some of the strongly rumored ones. Jacqui is visible along with Frost and Kotal Kahn, who are all in the Steam database achievements. Cassie Cage is also there as she was in the behind the scenes footage but has strangely not been directly acknowledged by NetherRealm. These are the only fighters have have been officially unveiled.

Fake leaks are prominent around fighting games so it’s smart to take these with a grain of salt no matter how convincing they are. It is worth noting that Injustice 2‘s roster also leaked months before its launch and it ended up being correct (except for the DLC).