Upcoming Destiny 2 Eververse update removes Prismatic Matrix rewards

An upcoming Destiny 2 Eververse update is changing a system introduced into the game only a year ago: the Prismatic Matrix. While the new update will make it easier for players to purchase the items they actually want without having to rely on RNG, the removal of the Prismatic Matrix means that it is also cutting off an avenue of earning free premium items.

Players are understandably upset about this change, filling the discussion thread on /r/DestinyTheGame with complaints. However, players are also praising most of the new changes with the exception of the removal of the Prismatic Matrix.

Currently, 10 items from the Eververse would be included in a menu called the Prismatic Matrix. After each weekly reset, players would earn a Prismatic Facet after they level up for the first time that week with the Well-Rested buff active. That Prismatic Facet can then be used in the Prismatic Matrix to give players one of the 10 Eververse items in the Matrix for free. Additionally, any items already owned by the player would be removed from that week’s matrix, increasing the odds that they’d get something they would actually want.

The Destiny 2 Eververse update that’s on its way will be removing the Prismatic Matrix entirely. However, players will now be getting unique weekly bundles that can be purchased with Silver, the game’s premium currency that is acquired by spending real-world money. These weekly bundles will also include an exclusive vanity item that will only be available through that bundle.

While some fans are happy with the ability to purchase Eververse items more easily, the majority seem to be upset at the removal of a free premium item once per week. Anyone who has any Prismatic Facets remaining on their account will be able to use them up until March 5. Any remaining Prismatic Facets after this date will be automatically turend into Expired Prismatic Facets which can be dismantled into 150 Bright Dust apiece.