Fortnite respawn system found by data miners

Fortnite might be getting a respawn system according to Epic Games. Now it seems that assets related to the Fortnite respawn system have made it into the game as data miners have found new information regarding the system in the recent Season 8 update.

VG247 reports that data miners have found a number of new assets relating to the Fortnite respawn system in the game. Twitter user FortTory found a number of files relating to a “Second Chance Van” that heavily suggest respawning is coming to Fortnite soon. The Second Chance Van already has a model and sound effects that were added in the most recent patch.

Fortnite might follow a similar respawn system to Apex Legends. In Respawn Entertainment’s Apex, players have to pick up their squad-mates “banner” from where they died. That banner must then be brought to one of several respawn beacons, where players will then be brought back into the game. The Fortnite second chance van appears to have a similar system, using “cards” that must be inserted into the van.

It’s possible that the Second Chance Vans would drive around the map in Fortnite unlike the stationary Apex Legends respawn beacon. This could be a smart way to distinguish the Fortnite respawn system from Apex Legends‘.

Earlier this week, Epic Games said that it had been looking into a respawn mechanic for some time. Fortnite developers said they would need to carefully consider the mechanic, as it would have a major impact on the game. Epic did say to look towards the Season 8 updates with regards to the feature.

Fortnite Season 8 brought a number of big changes to the massively popular battle royale game. A ping system similar to Apex Legends‘ was implemented, and the season has a distinctly pirate-y theme. Pirate camps have been strewn about the map and visiting them all can net you rewards. Now that we know the Fortnite respawn system is most likely coming, it’s just a matter of when.