SEGA announces Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island DLC

SEGA and Two Point Studios have revealed the latest content set to come to Two Point Hospital. Titled Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island, the next update for Theme Hospital‘s spiritual successor brings a new region, hospital setting, and other new content for fans to try out. The latest update is due to drop on Monday, March 18, so anyone interested in trying it out will only have to wait to a fortnight before getting their hands on it.

With the Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island DLC due to land later this month, SEGA has released a teaser trailer to show what players can look forward to. Narrated by eccentric millionaire explorer Wiggy Silverbottom, the tropical island-themed region will be available for players explore and uncover the mysteries within. It will house a new hospital with unique challenges to complete, including one that could help you discover the secret to eternal life.

The trailer shows off a couple of new machines that will help you cure all manner of new diseases, such as a snooker-themed one that removes a person’s black ball head and gives them a, well, more human-looking head. Another humorous disease that will be included in this DLC pack shows people being turned into anthropomorphized parrots, which is a nice touch that’s in keeping with the tropical theme. 10 new visual and 24 new non-visual illnesses will make their debuts in-game, while new weather patterns will look to stall your progress in improving your hospital rating.

As with other DLC released for Two Point Hospital, there will be cosmetics to unlock to spruce up your infirmary, patches of land to buy to increase its size, and other island-inspired items. Finally, the update could bring a couple of fixes and improvements to the title that have been needed since its last patch. Two Point Hospital is available to play now on PC, Mac, and Linux.