Left Alive reaction in Japan isn’t pretty (Update)

Update (3/6/19): The error preventing players from streaming the game has been eliminated in a new patch.

Square Enix’s long-running Front Mission series has something of a cult following in the west. Left Alive, the latest spin-off entry into the series, therefore, has garnered some form of limited hype. Notably, the survival-action shooter features artwork by Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa. Although it is releasing in the West tomorrow, March 5, 2019, it has been out in Japan for around a week already. It’s safe to say that the Left Alive reaction over there hasn’t been pretty.

Since its release in Japan on February 28, 2019, Left Alive has left a bitter taste in many a gamer’s mouths. Many players have taken to Amazon Japan to air their frustration. As of writing, the game sits at an exceedingly low 1.5/5 rating based on user reviews. Ouch. 76 percent of its overall user reviews on Amazon are rated at 1 star. Many players are complaining that the game is simply too difficult, with saves and checkpoints far too few and far between. The game’s graphics, controls, and gameplay have taken hits, too.

Famitsu noted the game’s difficulty, too (thanks, Siliconera). The famous publication noted that “it is practically impossible to power your way through, even on the lowest difficulty.” Explaining the point further, Famitsu added that “survival is the main focus. While you can sneak around, enemy detection range gets much wider, so it becomes really difficult.” Despite this, Famitsu did add that “it might not be those looking to get an all-out shooter game, but those who like action games that involve strategizing will enjoy.”

It certainly sounds like it is a difficult game. The most damning indictment of Left Alive’s quality, however, is that it appears as though Square Enix is attempting to bury it. Little to no promotion has appeared for the game in the West. In Japan, you can already buy it at a reduced price of 44 percent. To make matters worse, Square Enix isn’t allowing players to stream the game at all in Japan. It’s not been a happy few days for Left Alive in Japan.