PSA: Marvel’s Avengers latest update displays your IP on-screen during gameplay at all times

Streamers beware: the latest update to Marvel’s Avengers might cause a massive security threat. Square Enix’s superhero game displays your IP address on the screen at all times — even if you’re live. Most concerningly, at present, there’s no way to switch it off.

Marvel’s Avengers IP address breach

A very undesirable side-effect of update 1.8.0 is the display of your IP address on the bottom of the screen during gameplay. This seems to happen at all times when playing, and as of present, there’s no way to switch it off.

Most concerning of all, if you stream the game, it means everyone watching will be able to see your IP address, with no way to remove it. In the age of doxxing and security breaches, this is a massive safety hazard to online creators.

Evidently, it seems like developers Crystal Dynamics are aware of the threat this may pose, and it seems like they’re working to fix it soon. Until then, it could be a pretty risky move broadcasting the game – unless you want all your viewers to know your IP address.

Some have suggested restarting your modem as a way to reset your IP and eliminate the threat. However, this may be too difficult for some users, which means until a fix is pushed out, it’s impossible to guarantee your IP won’t appear.

This new update also introduced some more desirable elements, including a new villain storyline called Beating the Odds. Here, the Avengers — now with Hawkeye — have to take down Monica and her Cosmic Cube. There’s also an array of bug fixes, but none of them outweigh the security risk posed by this latest IP glitch.

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