Remedy’s Control release date window may have been revealed

Up until now, it was not known when Remedy Entertainment’s next game would be coming out. The Control release date window may now have been revealed. An article discussing a recent press trip to the studio has stated the game is “due out this summer.”

Remedy, the studio behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break, invited GameInformer to their office in Poland to learn more about Control. GameInformer’s April cover story will be focused on the new release. GameInformer’s article revealing the April cover is where the release date comment was made. “Now, Remedy is working on its newest project, Control, an action game that is due out this summer.” The release date window is given casually, as though it was already public information.

Remedy’s new game will put the player in control of Jesse Faden. Jesse is looking to find answers about her life and the supernatural. The journey brings Jesse into contact with the Federal Bureau of Control, supernatural entities, and the mysteriously eerie skyscraper called The Oldest House. The game looks set to build upon Remedy’s signature style of unique mechanics based on superhuman abilities. Control will feature “service weapons” and make use of the “astral plane,” though we’re still waiting to hear more about these features.

The studio’s previous game, Quantum Break, wasn’t massively successful when it launched on PC. The game suffered due to disproportionately high system requirements and in-game crashes. The studio’s communications director Thomas Puha recently stated, “we’re in a good place” with regards to Control’s PC release. Despite Quantum Break’s issues, we are still excited for Control, so much so that it’s in our Most Anticipated Games of 2019 list.

We’re now awaiting official confirmation of the Control release date from Remedy Entertainment themselves. The next big industry event is E3, where the announcement could be made.