Left Alive X World of Tanks DLC makes for an unusual combo

Left Alive X World of Tanks DLC has been released alongside the launch of the new game in the Front Mission series. The Left Alive free DLC is most notable for its complete lack of playable features: The collaboration with World of Tanks mainly contains advertisements for the popular tank warfare game.

The advertisements included World of Tanks icons placed on the Left Alive protagonists back-pack as well as World of Tanks in-game posters and billboards. The only other inclusion in the Left Alive X World of Tanks DLC is the ability for players to view information about the tanks in World of Tanks. Left Alive does offer one non-collaborative DLC pack called “The Tactical DLC Pack.” However, the pack is not currently available to buy separately from the Left Alive Day One Edition.

The Front Mission series began in 1995 and is created by Toshiro Tsuchida. The series features not only video games but movies, manga, and radio dramas. The new entry in the series is Left Alive and is a spin-off set between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved. For a more in-depth look at the series, here is everything you need to know. Ahead of the game’s release in the west, Japanese players received the game and they were not happy. The game’s high level of difficulty is the most frequently addressed point of criticism. Just two days after Left Alive’s release in the west, the game had garnered a rating of Very Negative on Steam.

World of Tanks had its own controversies in 2017. Wargaming, the developer of the game, threatened the YouTube videos of Jim Sterling and SirFoch with copyright strikes. Wargaming claimed the videos featured “hate speech,” while the YouTubers claimed they were being targeted due to their negative reviews of the game. Wargaming ended up making several apologies and have gone on to raise money for War Child, a charity aiding children living in war zones.

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