Steam is down | CS:GO server issues for parts of Europe and North America

Steam is down for parts of Europe and North America. Steam server issues are affecting users in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, and the Eastern United States are being affected by connectivity problems. notes over 4,500 problem reports. Of those, 45 percent noted that servers were offline while 28 percent said couldn’t access anything at all. Login and online gaming problems have also been reported. Downdetector has also received several thousand reports of connection problems, largely in Europe. Valve has yet to respond to the outage reports, but some previously affected have been able to log back in.

Additionally, CS:GO servers are down in all EU regions as well as multiple other parts of the world.

Thousands of others are still playing games and using Steam with little to no issue, but the problem continues to persist for some.

Outage maps suggest that the west coast of North America and the rest of the world are suffering a significantly smaller number of outages. It’s still unclear as to what caused Steam to go down in this manner. Valve, being Valve, will likely not bring official word on what happened until sometime in July 2021.

Steam is down, but others haven’t had any problems with the service. This is the worst service outage for Steam all year, with February 10 seeing just over 5,000 outages reported on If anything changes or Valve provides more information regarding the outage we’ll have it here.