Pokemon Go has helped Nintendo earn $2.5 billion from Pokemon on mobile

Pokemon Go has helped Nintendo earn $2.5 billion from the Pokemon franchise on mobile, with the AR game making up a whopping 98 percent of this revenue. While Nintendo has put out a variety of Pokemon mobile games including Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, Pokemon Duel, Pokemon Quest, Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, and Pokemon TCG OnlinePokemon Go has inevitably been the most successful release of them all, with the vast majority of player spending being tied to the 2016 game.

The new data has been shared by intelligence firm Sensor Tower, with its Store Intelligence platform revealing just how much money has been spent on the Pokemon franchise on mobile. Store Intelligence has gathered the data from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, showing what Pokemon players have spent across iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Go is the inevitable frontrunner of the franchise in terms of sales, with nearly $2.45 billion of all revenue generated by Pokemon on mobile coming from Niantic’s game-changing release. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is next in line, with the 2015 game generating nearly $25 million in revenue, while the other titles combine to make up the rest of the revenue.

Surprisingly, Pokemon Go players in the US have spent more money on the game than those in Japan. US Pokemon Trainers have spent $875 million on the game, roughly 35 percent of all revenue, while players in Japan have spent $725 million, 29 percent of its total revenue.

The data has also revealed how many installs each Pokemon game has received, with approximately 640 million mobile users downloading games from the franchise. Pokemon Go makes up around 86 percent of these downloads with 550 million installs, while Pokemon Duel has been installed by 39 million users.

In July 2018, Sensor Tower reported that Pokemon Go had brought in $1.8 billion since launch, meaning that the game has acquired a further $650 million in eight months. While the game is a free download, the game is sustained by way of in-game microtransactions, and this data is evidence of these monetization opportunities remaining lucrative for Nintendo nearly four years after Pokemon Go‘s launch.