Resident Evil 2 mod lets players disable Mr. X

Resident Evil 2 mod lets players disable Mr. X, the terrifying tyrant clad in a trenchcoat who relentlessly pursues you throughout the course of the game. Typically, the player will encounter this massive man-shaped creature at several points throughout the game and find him to be a difficult enemy to deal with. Most of the time, you can only hope to avoid him or slow him down. Many players find him an annoyance, and now one industrious modder has found a solution to that problem: disable Mr. X entirely!

A modder called maverickheart has created a nice little piece of software that removes Mr. X from the game. No, it doesn’t simply make him invisible or anything like that — it outright removes him from the game. He won’t be there to damage you or otherwise block your way. Some portions of the game do depend on Mr. X for cutscenes, and so a substitute has been added so that things don’t look entirely out of place.

Unfortunately, the mod that lets you disable Mr. X is only available to PC players. If you’re one of those gamers who is playing the Resident Evil 2 remake on the PC, you can get the mod for yourself over at NexusMods. You’ll also need to grab FluffyQuack’s mod manager to get mods working in general, so go ahead and grab that too. Bear in mind, installing a mod always has some level of risk, so do make sure to back up your saves before tinkering with any files.

This isn’t the only Resident Evil 2 modding news lately (in a sense, anyway). The massive crossover fighting game Jump Force has had a modding community of its own pop up, and Resident Evil 2’s own Leon Kennedy is one of the many characters who can be added to the game. (No word on whether or not Mr. X can be added as a boss.)