State of Decay 2 Choose Your Own Apocalypse update coming in late March

A new State of Decay 2 update was announced during the recent Inside Xbox stream. The State of Decay 2 Choose Your Own Apocalypse update adds new difficulty modes, zombies, and more to Undead Labs’ open-world zombie survival game. The update is coming on March 26.

It brings a Nightmare and Dread zones, upping the difficulty and reducing players’ ability to recover from infection. Several zombies, including new armored enemies, will fill these incredibly dangerous areas. Bug fixes are also expected to be coming in the State of Decay 2 update.

Both new difficulty modes make resources harder to find, zombies and other enemies are more difficult to kill, more hordes will be present, and the blood plague’s presence will be heightened. Dread zone is the lesser of the two new difficulties with Nightmare being the hardest of the hardcore.

When playing online, the host determines the difficulty level. State of Decay 2 will warn players if they are entering higher difficulty modes, just in case players don’t want to be in there. Dread zone introduces armored zombie hordes, and players die within 30 minutes of being infected by the blood plague. Nightmare zone drops that infection timer to just 10 minutes. Blood plague juggernauts are also included in both Dread and Nightmare difficulty modes. Nightmare mode even has different micro-hordes of unique zombies like ferals and screamers.

Vehicles and guns will be harder to find in these difficulty modes too. Once the patch is out players can take existing communities into the higher difficulty levels. Otherwise, players can start a new community and choose their difficulty when starting out. A number of new achievements are also coming to State of Decay 2 with the new update, equal to 275 gamerscore.

State of Decay 2 released in May 2018 and was modestly-received at the time. Undead Labs was bought by Microsoft last year, and continue to work on State of Decay 2 for Xbox One and PC.