Kingdom Hearts 3 actor replaced following Judgment drug scandal

A Kingdom Hearts 3 actor at the center of a drug scandal which has also enveloped a major Sega release will be removed in an update. Sales of Judgment were halted in Japan following the arrest of one of its actors on drug offenses and now actor, Pierre Taki who voices Olaf in Kingdom Hearts 3, will be removed in a future patch, Square Enix has announced.

Square Enix announced the decision in a statement. The statement doesn’t refer to the Kingdom Hearts 3 actor by name or the incident which has caused the change. Square Enix simply indicate a future update will be replacing the voice of Olaf in the world of “Anna and the Snow Queen”, and that future versions of the game will also include the updated version. The statement concludes by stating a future announcement will provide more details on the update including when it will be available.

Pierre Taki provides the Japanese voice for Olaf in the Frozen world within Kingdom Hearts 3, Arendelle. The actor also voices Kyohei Hamura in Judgment. Judgment has been out in Japan since December 2018 but has now been removed from sale. Taki was allegedly found to have taken drugs following a urine test carried out by police. Sega announced the decision yesterday, and Square Enix has swiftly moved to follow suit. Judgment was scheduled to be released in the West in June and nothing has changed on that front as of writing.

Judgment’s Western release date was announced along with the news that buyers of the digital version would be able to get the game four days early. The release date may be in doubt, but fans still looking forward to the game’s potential release in the west can find out more in our preview.

For Kingdom Hearts, a release date was recently revealed for the Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far game. The collection features every Kingdom Hearts game prior to the most recent release Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura stated downloadable content and a critical mode would be coming for the series final installment.