Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC and Critical Mode confirmed

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC will include both free and paid content, according to the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura also stated the game will also receive a Critical Mode in the future. The DLC is expected to replace a Final Mix version of the game.

Tetsuya Nomura spoke about several Kingdom Hearts 3 related topics in an interview with Dengeki Online. On the subject of DLC, the complete picture of Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC isn’t clear. Nomura stated that the free DLC would come in the form of “additional elements” while paid DLC would be released “at once as a batch.”

The batch of content is the Final Mix version which Nomura previously referred to. Nomura did state that he was pleased he could take time to produce the paid DLC but expects it will be released within 2019. The director stated a Critical Mode was coming, however, didn’t outright state it would be free DLC. Nomura did confirm the mode wouldn’t just be a higher difficulty level version of the game.

Aside from Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, Tetsuya Nomura wouldn’t be drawn on the future of Kingdom Hearts. When asked about further exploration of a storyline thread within Kingdom Hearts 3, Nomura stated, “if there is a sequel, there may be opportunities” but he currently lacks the desire. When pressed again later in the interview, Nomura responded, “all my plans have been filled up all year round.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 has performed well in the US domestically as well as across the globe. Unsurprisingly, Nomura was happy with the game’s sales performance. “It is a good result far beyond my expectations.” Despite the release date seeming like a long time ago now, Nomura added, “I am currently working on DLC so I do not feel … finished yet and sleeping time has become shorter after release.”

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