Google Chrome Joy-Con support might be on the way

Google Chrome joy-con support is being tested for company’s Chrome browser. The support is currently in the testing phases but, if implemented, the update will allow use of the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller, charging grip, and Joy-Cons in the browser. The charging grip will require USB to function, while the joy-cons will be connected via Bluetooth. The Pro Controller will be able to connect through either method.

The report was discovered ahead of Google’s recent teaser for the company’s reveal of their vision of gaming at GDC 2019. Not much is known for certain about Google’s plans, but given it has recently been testing a “Project Stream”, adding Google Chrome Joy-Con support allowing in-browser use would provide greater options to players. In October, Project Stream saw players testing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in the Google Chrome browser.

Google and controllers were in the news of late when reports a potential Google controller for their gaming platform emerged. The images revealing the controller were a mock-up based on an earlier patent made by the company. The reports were dismissed as there was no evidence the mock-ups themselves are representative of what the eventual gaming controller will be, or if Google will even provide its own given its potential support for other gaming platforms.

Earlier this month, we asked for your opinions on the prospect of a Google gaming platform and if it could really take on the current gaming behemoths, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Google Chrome itself was last in the news for privacy issues with its Incognito Mode. Users turn to the mode to prevent tracking of their activity. However, it was discovered that Incognito Mode was providing search suggestions, meaning some form of tracking must be occurring.

The Google gaming announcement is slated for GDC conference which occurs March 18-22 in San Francisco.

[via Chrome Unboxed]