Stardew Valley Android port is finally out, months after the iOS release

The Stardew Valley Android version is finally out. The popular farming simulation-RPG title released on iOS in October 2018 with the Android port slated for sometime in the future. The future is now, and Android Stardew Valley is out for your gaming pleasure.

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone worked with London-based game studio The Secret Police on the Android port of Stardew Valley. The game released today and is available through the Google Play store for $7.99. Other than the control changes, Android Stardew Valley is the same game as its console counterparts.

As with the iOS port of the game, players can import saves from the Windows, Mac, or Linux versions of the game. Unlike the iOS port, players can transfer directly from a computer to Android devices. However, Linux players will have to transfer files from a Windows or Mac device.

The biggest difference between Stardew Valley on mobile devices is that it does not include the four-player co-op mode found on PC and Nintendo Switch. Barone added the multiplayer to PC versions of the game in August 2018, followed by multiplayer on Nintendo Switch in December. PS4 and Xbox One players are still waiting on the multiplayer update though. The smartphone version of Stardew Valley has all the enhancements and updates of the multiplayer version of the game, except the actual multiplayer.

The Secret Police and Barone rebuilt the game’s UI and controls specifically for touch screens. Stardew Valley also has no in-app purchases or microtransactions on Android and iOS.

The game originally released on PC in February 2016 where the game exploded in popularity. Drawing heavily from Harvest Moon, the title has players managing a farm on the outskirts of an idyllic town. Players can cultivate crops, raise animals, fish, find love, and more in the game. It sold over 3.5 million copies by the end of 2017. Barone began development on Stardew Valley in 2012 and continued developing it as a solo project by himself.