Activision Announces New Black Ops II DLC, Arriving Later This Month

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be getting a new batch of downloadable maps in the upcoming Uprising DLC pack, which will launch on April 16th.

As usual, the price will be set at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), which may seem a little steep to some, but if the demand is there—and it is—you can't really fault Activision for wanting to make a sizable profit. The pack will include a total of four multiplayer maps as well as a new zombie add-on called Mob of the Dead, featuring “some of Hollywood’s most iconic mobsters.”

The four new maps are as follows:

  • Magma – A volcano-stricken Japanese village
  • Encore – Set in London following a music festival 
  • Vertigo – Set in future India with a high-tech lab and impressive high rise structures
  • Studio – A remake of Firing Range from the original Black Ops, which is set on a Hollywood studio backlot

Will you be picking up this new batch of maps? Let us know in the comments below.