New Yakuza game for PS4 confirmed as studio begins hiring voice actresses

Shin Ryu Ga Gotuku, otherwise known as the new Yakuza game, has been confirmed to be in development for PS4. The game is set to star a brand-new protagonist, moving on from Kazuma Kiryu after Yakuza 6. The new Yakuza game for PS4 will put players in control of Ichiban Kasuga and Sega have begun the process of hiring a voice actress to play the part of Kasuga’s partner.

Thanks to Gematsu, we know that applicants can head to the Latest Yakuza Game for PlayStation 4 Supporting Actress Auditions website to read up on all the details. Sega is looking for an actress aged 20 or older to play Ichiban Kasuga’s partner. The successful applicant will play a starring role in the new Yakuza game, supplying the voice of one of the main characters. On top of that, however, the chosen actress will need to take part in all sorts of promotional materials for the new Yakuza game. Whomever Sega chooses, however, will win one million yen in prize money.

According to Gematsu, Sega has held open auditions in the past, but not for the roles of major characters. The developer is going all out for the latest Yakuza game for PS4. Anyone looking to apply for the role of Ichiban Kasuga’s partner will have to do so soon. Audition applications for the role will end on April 21, 2019, 23:59 JST. Time to start warming up those vocal cords.

As of writing, unfortunately, there is no planned release date for the new Yakuza game. It is currently in development on PS4 and will star a couple of new characters in Ichiban Kasuga and his female partner. Kasuga has just been released from a 17-year prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit and is looking to protect his beloved Kamurocho from the dangerous joint forces of the Omi Alliance and the police. So far, so very Yakuza.