Sea of Thieves anniversary update includes PVP expansion, quest lines, and more

The Sea of Thieves anniversary update has been officially announced by Rare and Microsoft. The update will bring a wide range of new activities and content to Rare’s seafaring adventure game. PVP arenas, new quest lines, and fishing are all coming to the game in the free update.

Sea of Thieves‘ massive anniversary update will include two major additions with The Arena and Tall Tales – Shores of Gold. Alongside these additions will be a host of smaller additions, and a new Trading Company called The Hunter’s Call. The Sea of Thieves anniverary update is slated to launch on April 30.

The Arena is a previously announced PVP expansion for Sea of Thieves that will now release with the anniversary update. It will allow players to jump straight into competitive action modes as they face off in ship-and-crew battles. A new Trading Company will be central to the PVP mode. Rare promises the game mode will grow in parallel with the main Sea of Thieves experience.

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold is a new, linear storyline within Sea of Thieves. It looks like it will be the first in a series of quests and stories being added to the game in the future. Shores of Gold will feature characters from Sea of Thieves‘ expanded game universe, including characters from the game’s comic.

The Hunter’s Call is a new trading company that brings fishing, hunting, and cooking to Sea of Thieves. The faction offers gold and cosmetic rewards, as well as another way to become a Pirate Legend.

Sea of Thieves‘ anniversary update is also adding a number of improvements to the game’s core experience. Rare is expanding ship damage, like broken masts, meaning that sailing and escape can become more difficult. Harpoons are being added as well, which can see treasures stolen without setting foot on another ship. Rare also teased a number of new enemies being added to the game.

The Sea of Thieves anniversary update goes live on April 30 on PC and Xbox One. Check out the announcement trailer below.