PUBG Mobile monthly users set record, publisher Tencent surpasses $19 billion revenue for 2018

It seems that there are quite a few PUBG Mobile monthly users out there. Tencent has stated that PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game by MAU (Monthly Active Users) in the world. This was likely one of the many moving parts that led the Chinese company to record-breaking revenue for 2018. In total, Tencent raked in over $19 billion throughout the year. That’s more money than the entire GDP of Zimbabwe!

Tencent doesn’t mention any specifics for the number of PUBG Mobile monthly users, nor do they give a quantative amount, but it’s not hard to believe that it’s the most popular mobile game out there. After all, the Chinese market offers a massive customer base but is extraordinarily difficult to break into.

In total, Tencent has raked in $19 billion in revenue last year. League of Legends was certainly a factor as one of (if not the) world’s most popular PC games and the high count of PUBG Mobile monthly users, along with the multitude of microtransactions on offer, has helped along these numbers as well. Its biggest mobile game in China is something entirely different: Honour of Kings, a MOBA-style game for mobile devices which hasn’t yet made its way West.

Stunningly, Tencent made $19 billion after facing some major hurdles last year. The Chinese government had temporarily halted game approvals due to concerns about how much time young people were spending playing games. This created a bit of a backlog for the Chinese publisher, although they state that their adult demographic was largely unaffected by this change. The backlog should result in a slower release schedule for the near future, but 2019 may very well see Tencent bringing in more revenue than ever before, and who knows how high the PUBG monthly user total will soar alongside it?