Two new Nintendo Switch consoles to be revealed during E3 2019 – Report

New Nintendo Switch consoles will reportedly be revealed this year. According to the report, two Nintendo Switch consoles are coming and will be shown at E3 2019. The two variations will be aimed at opposite ends of the video game market and are said to be “different from the original and you’d be surprised.”

According to WSJ, one of the new Nintendo Switch consoles will be cheaper in price and aimed towards more casual gamers. The other variant will include “enhanced features targeted at avid gamers.” Despite the enhanced features, the report states sources including developers and parts suppliers believe the console will remain less powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

The reveal of the new Nintendo Switch models will reportedly come at E3 2019 before the launch date follows “a few months later.” The move to launch the new consoles is said to be in order to maintain sales of the Switch platform going into the consoles third year.

Earlier this year, conflicting reports emerged of Nintendo’s plans for future variants of the Switch console. In January, the president of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa reportedly stated in an interview that the Nintendo Switch would not be receiving a price cut or a new version of the console. While just a month later, Furukawa stated the Japanese company would be looking to “create demand in order to have each person own their very own Nintendo Switch,” pointing to a price drop or cheaper variation. The latest reporting by WSJ seems to confirm a cheaper variation is, in fact, the plan.

Nintendo will likely look to avoid any mistakes made by the Wii U if new Nintendo Switch consoles are the plan. We looked into just how a Switch redesign could fail if it doesn’t. With new consoles on the horizon, Switch owners have something to look forward to. However, there is already plenty for Nintendo fans to be excited about for the remainder of 2019.