Xenon Racer launch trailer shows drifting, multiplayer, and customization

The Xenon Racer launch trailer has been unveiled ahead of the game’s release date tomorrow. The trailer shows off the racing title’s heavy focus on drifting as well as its futuristic settings. Xenon Racer also touts a range of customization options and multiplayer modes.

The launch trailer takes us on a tour of some of Xenon Racer’s most grandiose locations. Set in 2030, we get to see the developer 3DClouds take on Dubai and Tokyo in over a decade’s time. However, the most futuristic aspect is the unique look of the cars, which the game’s official website seemingly redundantly refers to as “traditional wheel based vehicles.” The reference is necessary as the site states that “in an era of flying vehicles, a one-off championship … has been organized” Xenon Racer gives players a range of ways to compete with others. The game includes split-screen, live leaderboards, and online multiplayer.

The cars show off an erratic design language with customization settings that let you take full advantage. From adding long fins across the roof to incorporating some fairly outlandish color palettes and patterns. The customization doesn’t stop with looks. Xenon Racer allows players to change the “traditional wheel based vehicles” parts to modify the car’s statistics and overall performance. The game’s website states choosing the right parts and vehicles is key to mastering the varied track designs.

The launch trailer gameplay itself involves some standard racing action. The drivers hurtle around pre-determined night and day tracks at breakneck speeds while the interesting backdrops go about their business, including a plane taking off and some hovering hot air balloons. Xenon Racer’s UI has all the required elements for a typical racer, speed gauge, mini-map, and nitrous capacity. You can experience it all in 4K. Xenon Racer gives players the option of “performance mode” which aims for 60 FPS with some graphical options toned down, as well as a “quality mode” for 30 FPS on the highest graphical settings.

Xenon Racer is slated for release on March 26 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.