Wolfenstein Youngblood release date announced alongside new trailer

Wolfenstein Youngblood got a release date and a new trailer today in an announcement from Bethesda. The game will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch in July 2019, and will be the first of the Bethesda titles to have co-op gameplay.

In Wolfenstein Youngblood you’ll play as Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, B.J.’s daughters, whose birth we witnessed in Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus. They’ll have to fight through 1980s Paris as they search for their missing father. Although it seemed that the resistance dealt a blow to the Nazi regime at the end of The New Colossus, they still hold at least some power 20 years later. You’ll be able to team up with a friend, or have an AI controlled partner as you race against time to find B.J.

It’s not known who is now leading the Third Reich. Both Generals Deathshead and Engel are dead, and Hitler would be a century old if he were still alive. It’s highly likely we’ll see a new antagonist in Wolfenstein Youngblood, one which might become the new big bad of the series.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Deluxe Edition will come with a Buddy Pass that will allow a friend to download the game and play it for free as long as they’re alongside the owner of the original copy. The deluxe edition will also come with titanium versions of Jess and Soph’s Power Suits, knives, hatchets, and guns.

For pre-ordering the game, you’ll get some exclusive gear that B.J. Blazkowicz used in previous Wolfenstein games:

  • B.J.’s US Army Power Suit
  • The knife and pipe from Wolfenstein: Old Blood
  • The Power Suit from Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus
  • World War 2 skins for all ranged weapons

Again, Wolfenstein Youngblood will release on July 26, 2019. Expect more info on the game as we inch closer to the launch date.