Dreams early access release date confirmed, intended for ‘creators’

PlayStation has announced the Dreams early access release date. It had already been revealed the paid early access would begin in the spring, however we now have an exact date along with pricing. The announcement includes further details on what the paid early access will feature, detailing that it is “designed for creators.”

The Dreams early access release date has been revealed as April 16 and there are a “limited number of spaces available.”

In a PlayStation blog post written by Media Molecule studio director Siobhan Reddy, the studio revealed the price of Dreams would be $29.99 (£24.99). Reddy answers a number of questions in the blog post, primarily covering what purchasers of the paid early access will receive. While it won’t be the full release of the game, being absent of Dreams’ story mode, but it will include all the tools of the game needed to create.

The early access will also feature “interactive tutorials … arcade games, templates[,] and additional content created by Media Molecule.” You will also get access to assets created by the “CoMmunity” during the Dreams Creator Beta. Reddy adds that players will get new “features and content” as and when they add them as well.

You can purchase Dreams early access from the PlayStation Store after April 16. Buying the early access will give you the full game on release. Regarding the limited number of spaces available, Reddy says Dreams early access is limited but that “it’s a big limit,” but to purchase as soon as possible to avoid not making it in.

The full release date for Dreams was not provided, with Reddy saying, “We don’t have a release date for the full version of Dreams to share right now. But when we do, you’ll know about it! And then we’ll keep telling you. And then probably tell you another 5,672 times.” Dreams VR will not be included within the early access however the studio says virtual reality is “still planned” for the game.