April’s Free Twitch Prime Games Are Now Live

In due fashion, the April free Twitch Prime games are now live. From today until April 30, Twitch Prime subscribers can claim a free Steam code for Her Story, InnerSpaceJoggernauts, and Keep in Mind: Remastered. While some of these titles are more niche, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy here.

Her Story

With an 86/100 on Metacritic and multiple game of the year awards, Her Story is an indie darling. This live-action interactive movie game has players skimming through police interviews in search of a missing husband. Most of the interviews are with the man’s wife, Hannah Smith, played by the British drummer Viva Seifert, as she tells her story (ha), which players must dissect to find clues. Her Story comes from the mind of Sam Barlow, lead designer of the Silent Hill titles Origins and Shattered Memories.

Her Story is also getting a spiritual sequel called Telling Lies.


Similar to the controversial No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game InnerSpace puts players in the Inverse, where gravity is inside out. Here, one must fly through the Inverse’s different planets to find what’s killing them. The game’s primary vehicle is an upgradable “Airframe” that enables one to soar through the skies or delve into deep waters. Put simply, InnerSpace is for players that love digging into the lore of their favorite titles. Gamers are not only in this for the sights, but to go through every nook and cranny the devs have built.



Joggernauts is a cooperative auto-runner that should appeal to fans of the Bit.Trip Runner series. This eccentric title places up to four players in a dangerous world where colors are key. On top of its platforming elements, Joggernauts litters stages with color-coded hazards that are only beaten by a player of the same shade. The mechanic forces players to swap who’s leading the pack, making sure the red character hits the red hazards, the blue player hits their color, and so on. While a bit simple, this game is a hectic experience that’s better with friends.


Keep In Mind: Remastered

Keep In Mind: Remastered is a dark psychological horror title that explores emotional issues like mental illness, alcoholism, and more. This game places players as Jonas, a sleep-deprived drunkard suffering from marriage problems and his tortured past. Gameplay involves exploring his town and fighting off monsters that may or may not represent different human issues. While the material here is tough, the game is meant to be therapeutic for those struggling with mental health. This is a game you want to go in knowing as little as possible.


That wraps up this month of free games. Don’t forget to check out Xbox’s Games with Gold and PlayStation’s PS+ titles as well. Also, remember that Twitch Prime subscribers can now get 12 months of Nintendo Switch online for free.