Concrete Genie PSVR modes let you paint to your heart’s content

A couple of Concrete Genie PSVR modes have been recently revealed. This upcoming virtual reality game will feature more than just a robust campaign mode; it will also include a pair of extra modes that will let players get some more mileage out of the game once they’ve completed the campaign. One of the two modes has a narrative focus (almost like a side-quest) and the other will be more along the lines of freeplay.

San Mateo Studio Creative Director Jeff Brown detailed the two Concrete Genie PSVR modes in a post on the PlayStation Blog. The first of the two modes is called VR Experience and will have its own sort of story separate from the larger tale told in the game’s campaign. Players will follow a Genie named Splotch beneath the city’s lighthouse in a quest to unlock a “mysterious power” by using your Living Paint. Other than that, the dev team is keeping pretty tight-lipped when it comes to any details for now.

The other Concrete Genie PSVR game mode will be called Free Paint mode and it’s exactly what it says on the (paint) tin: A way to pop into the game and simply put your proverbial paint to canvas. Players will be able to select from one of four unique locations in the city of Denska to experiment with all of the Living Paint and Genie brushes that they collect throughout their adventures. It isn’t entirely clear if access to these brushes will be granted from the get-go or if they need to be acquired in the campaign first.

It seems like Concrete Genie is shaping up to be a pretty interesting title for the PSVR. If it seems like the kind of thing you’re interested in, you won’t have to wait terribly long — it’s expected to launch sometime in the Fall.