Civilization 6 cross-platform saves can now move between PC and Switch

Firaxis Games has added cross-platform saves to Civilization 6 on PC and Nintendo Switch. Your Civilization 6 cross-platform saves are accessible through a shared 2K Games account on the devices. Firaxis announced the addition in early April.

Civ 6 cross-platform cloud saves were added to the game in its most recent update. All players have to do is link their 2K accounts to the PC and Switch versions and tick the multi-platform save box. The game saves should automatically upload to the cloud. It’s a great feature that more games should support, but even Civilization 6‘s implementation is leaving much to be desired by fans.

The Civilization 6 Switch port released in November 2018, more than two years after the game released on Steam. Unlike it’s PC counterpart, Civ 6 on Switch has no online multiplayer, no mod support, and neither of the game’s expansion packs.

Civ 6 Rise and Fall released in February 2018 and added a number of features and civilizations to the game. The most recent expansion, Gathering Storm released in February 2019 adding more features to the game. Some of these features greatly change how the game is played, and Firaxis has yet to announce plans to bring the expansions to Switch.

Without that content on Switch, PC players have to make big concessions if they want to take advantage of the cross-platform saves. Cross-platform saves coming from the Switch to PC have no problems. On the other hand, PC players won’t be able to play with the expansion features or civilizations and expect to bring those saves with them on the Switch. As a result, cross-platform saves can only be used by a small subset of the people playing the game.

Firaxis has yet to respond to inquiry from fans about expansions on the Switch, but without them this feature is largely moot. As one person on Twitter put it, “that’s nice, but no DLC for Switch, no point. Why the hell would I play vanilla Civ6 again?