Transistor free on the Epic Games Store in 2 weeks, The Witness available now

You’ll be able to get Transistor free on the Epic Games Store in a couple of weeks. For now, the beautiful puzzle game The Witness is the current free game on deck in Epic Games’ yearlong extravaganza of giving away games so people will make accounts and join the digital distribution service.

Transistor is a sci-fi action RPG from Supergiant Games, a company that is perhaps best known for being the development team behind the critically-acclaimed ARPG Bastion. Unlike a certain robot in OverwatchBastion was well-loved by the gaming community when it released, and Transistor has a similarly favorable reputation. Players take on the role of Red, a singer from the city of Cloudbank who wields the sentient sword Transistor. Red and Transistor must team up to fight The Process, a legion of robots who are killing the citizens of Cloudbank.

While you can get Transistor free on April 18, 2019, the current free game on the Epic Games Store is Jonathan Blow’s lovely puzzle game The WitnessThe Witness puts players on a mysterious island full of colorful scenery and mind-bending puzzles in a playstyle akin to classics like Myst. It’s a devilishly difficult game that will challenge you to think outside the box in more ways than one.

The Witness and Transistor are both being given away as part of a yearlong program by the Epic Games Store where a new game is given away every two weeks. The program is a pretty straightforward attempt to get more people to hop onto the platform. The company has also been making serious strides in snapping up exclusives on yearlong contracts; Epic Games most recently secured the rights to exclusively published Borderlands 3.

You can get The Witness free on the Epic Games Store by going to its store page. You’ll be able to pick up Transistor free on the Epic Games Store two weeks later beginning on April 18, 2019. You’ll have until May 2 to grab your free copy before the offer is gone for good!