Mortal Kombat studio has discussed making Marvel vs DC fighting game

Mortal Kombat 11 is just a few weeks away, and soon fans of Mortal Kombat studio Netherrealm will inevitably start looking into what the developer has planned for its next game. The natural speculation is towards Injustice 3, the third title in the DC Comics fighting game series, which Netherrealm alternated between Mortal Kombat games. However, the truth may be even more exciting, as the studio’s next title may actually be a Marvel vs DC fighting game.

In a quick-fire video interview with Game Informer, Mortal Kombat 11‘s creative director Ed Boon gave a number of surprise responses. The most notable was to a question about whether he had approached Marvel about creating a Marvel Comics fighting game, where the answer was a straight “yes” from Boon. He admits “he probably shouldn’t talk about it,” suggesting this was actually quite recently and may still happen. Boon was more upfront about a number of deals that had fallen through, such as trying to get Neo from The Matrix into Injustice as a DLC character.

Boon then admitted that he would “love to make a Marvel game,” but even more exciting for him would be the idea of doing a Marvel vs DC fighting game, which he says “would be the coolest.” While the chances of that happening is likely remote, as Marvel characters didn’t even appear in The LEGO Movie despite the presence of similarly Disney-owned Star Wars characters, it’s certainly an exciting prospect.

In other comic book news from the interview, Ed Boon also suggested that the studio would love to add characters from Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady’s next game, whatever that may be. “We’re big fans and friends of Rocksteady,” he said. Injustice: Gods Among Us actually featured Arkham-based skins for Batman and the Joker as DLC, so it’s not outside the (nether)realms of possibility.