Mega Man 11 pre-order bonus tracks are now being given away for free

Players who missed out on the pre-order bonus DLC music tracks for Mega Man 11 can now finally get them. The game’s Wily Numbers Instrumental Stage Tracks are now available for download for free.

The Wily Numbers Instrumental Stage Tracks DLC that was originally available only as a pre-order bonus can now be downloaded on Xbox One, PlayStation 4Steam, and the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Players who download the Wily Numbers Instrumental Stage Tracks will be able to switch out the regular stage themes of the games’ eight robot masters with special arranged versions. As the name implies, these are instrumental tracks featuring a new piano arrangement of the regular theme. Capcom gave players a sample of each of these tracks before the game launched via a trailer which you can see below.

Music has always been an important part of the Mega Man franchise’s legacy. Select songs from the series have become an integral part of video game culture. The songs have gone on to be referenced in games and other media, spawned covers in various musical styles from a number of creators, and even turned into memes. Offering instrumental versions of the game’s music shows that Capcom is aware of this part of the franchise’s legacy.

As it happens, one of the most important things addressed in Mega Man 11 is the franchise’s legacy as a whole. The game added new mechanics, but overall till sticks closely to the series’s 2D platforming roots. More importantly, it shows that Capcom isn’t willing to let the story one of their most iconic franchises end on a sour note. The departure of the “Father of Mega Man” Keiji Inafune, which resulted in the cancellation of a number of Mega Man projects a few years back, caused a lot of controversy prior to the game’s release. Thankfully the new game demonstrates that there is still a place for Mega Man within the company, and in gaming as a whole.