Total War games are on sale on Humble Bundle

Ready your credit cards for battle, because various titles in Creative Assembly’s Total War series are now on sale on Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle’s Total War Weekend sale sees a number of the classic strategy games discounted by as much as 75%.

Creative Assembly combined 4X-style empire management with real-time strategic combat back in the year 2000 to create Shogun: Total War, the first of what would end up being one of the premiere strategy game series out there. The series has then gone on to cover various historical empires and notable figures. These have ranged from Rome to the European Colonial Powers and from Attila the Hun to Napoleon Bonaparte.

The series branched out to fictional empires in 2016 with the release of Total Warhammer, which combined the franchise’s now-familiar gameplay with the setting of Games Workshop’s fantasy tabletop franchise. Total Warhammer was further built upon with a number of different expansions, and eventually gained a sequel with 2017’s Total Warhammer 2.

All these games are part of Humble Bundle’s latest Total War sale. Playing these games is a great way for players to prepare themselves for the Creative Assembly’s next game, Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Total War Three Kingdoms brings the franchise to ancient China

With the studio’s upcoming game, Creative Assembly steers the series back to covering a specific period in human history. The setting of China’s Three Kingdoms period is one that has been covered by other franchises, such as KOEI’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms series and their Dynasty Warriors spin-off games. However, this is the first time that a Total War game is covering the setting.

Total War: Three Kingdoms aims to offer a unique take on a setting that will be familiar to many gamers. Luckily, Creative Assembly’s pedigree with the franchise bodes well for the new game. For any three kingdoms fans who may be harboring doubts about how the upcoming game will play, the Humble Bundle Total War sale offers a good opportunity to players to familiarize themselves with the Total War franchise.