Final Fantasy 14 Free Login Campaign gives returning players one more week in Eorzea

Final Fantasy 14 Free Login Campaign has been announced, giving past players the opportunity to return to the world of Eorzea for a limited time. This limited-time program will be available for players to participate in from April 8–June 17, 2019. This should give returning players ample opportunity to get a feel for the state of the game in advance of the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion that’s expected to launch this July.

As with many other MMOs, the Final Fantasy 14 Free Login Campaign is a special event that’s meant to get lapsed players back into a game that they once subscribed to. After all, it can’t hurt to check it out again if it doesn’t cost you anything, now can it? A lot has changed in the game over the preceding months and years; Final Fantasy 14 most recently added Blue Mages to the ever-expanding roster of jobs available to adventurers.

Only certain people are eligible to participate in the Final Fantasy 14 Free Login Campaign this time around. Here is the criteria for participating players:

  • Users must have previously purchased Final Fantasy 14 and registered an account at some point in the past.
  • The account must be set as inactive during the period of the Free Login Campaign.
  • The account must have been inactive for at least 30 days prior to signing up for the Free Login Campaign. (Users can check their account status via the Mog Station.)
  • Users must have been in good standing when their account lapsed — permanently banned players won’t be able to get back in through this program.

The web page for the Final Fantasy 14 Free Login Campaign notes that maintenance is scheduled for April 23, 2019, so past subscribers would probably want to start their short return into the game world well before or right after that date. The Free Login Campaign will give you just 7 days to see what’s new in Final Fantasy 14; you’ll have until June 17, 2019, to check it out.